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“Sandy got me custody of my grandaughter after I had been told by four other lawyers that I had no rights and couldn’t win. At our first meeting she was prepared with several ideas of what we might do. I knew then and there that she could and would win my case. She is one of the most intelligent people I have had the privilege to meet and has a vast knowledge of the law. She is tenacious and,”takes the bull by the horns”. On top of that, she is caring, considerate and fair with her clients. She kept me informed of new developments and I couldn’t have asked more of her. I was certainly glad that she was fighting for me and not against me. When you need someone who will fight for you, call Sandy Phillips first”– Debbie

“My husband met with Sandy the first time in May 2012. She represented him in a custody battle regarding his daughter. Sandy got him temporary full custody of his daughter, later to full permanent custody. Sandy is a excellent lawyer. She is very knowledgable, fast thinking, ethical, courtesy, well organized,wise, and most importantly she believes in doing the right thing. Thank you Sandy for all you did for our family.”– Miranda

“Ms.phillips assisted with my case for over two years and is the most intelligent individual i have ever met if there is someone who can win a case that looks like you have no chance of winning its her!!! thank you for being awsome sandy :)”– sheila

“We are from out of town and My husband consulted her for services and we are pleased to say we highly recommend Sandy Phillips for you’re legal needs. She is very professional, efficient knowledgeable and legal fees are very reasonable. She is direct very prompt in responding and upfront she is excellent and by far the most reliable attorney I’ve met. You can’t go wrong by retaining Ms Phillips for you’re attorney.”– Tracy P.

“She was amazing she answered all my questions. She fought hard for me I’m so happy with all the results from he being in my corner! She comes Highly recommended”– Davion W.

“Sandra Phillips is hands down THE BEST attorney I know. And that is saying a lot. I am Terry Y Greene. She is on the ball. If you need an attorney for child support or criminal charges THIS IS YOUR ATTORNEY!!! God bless Sandra Phillips!!!”– Tvette S.

“I would like to say that Sandy Phillips is an Exceptional lawyer, Any concerns or Questions that I’ve had she’s gotten right back to me quickly. She explained everything to me in detail of what was happening. Shes very professional and cares about her clients wholeheartedly! I would recommend her to everyone and anyone who needed a lawyer!”– April D.

“I called Sandy Phillips a couple of weeks ago to schedule an appointment with her to discuss an issue I had with a Local Construction company. I have to say, I was very impressed with her knowledge on construction contracts (and the company I am dealing with) and professionalism. She answered all my question on our phone call and gave me professional advice on how to handle the issue. She is the Lawyer that we will continue to use if any more problems arise. Thank you Ms Phillips for your help and encouraging words to fight throw this situation.”– Barry B.

“Sandy did an amazing job and was always in contact with me. I would definitely use her again. Thank you”– Dustin D.

“If I could give 100 stars I would. Sandy and her paralegal took us in, and helped me when I had no idea what to do, due to an unexpected death in our family. She has a true heart of gold, and her kindness and compassion for helping people is genuine. She is very thorough, knowledgeable, prompt, and responsive, all while helping me understand what was happening. She completed everything, without the need to go in a courtroom, which also saved us all time. If I ever need an attorney again, I will be going to see her. Thank you again Sandy for what you’ve done, and your help. I cannot express my sincere gratitude to you and your staff. You were a life saver in a moment of drowning.”– Sarah O.

“Over a year ago I was in desperate need of help from a attorney. After I met sandy she was immediately hired. Firstly, sandy has a incredible knowledge of the law. She is also very straight to the point and doesn’t just say things you want to hear. She’s honest. Secondly she knows her way around the courtroom… She is very tough in the courtroom setting and in my experience a absolute thrill to listen to and watch. Sandy should not just be a choice. She should be your only choice…well… if you want to win :)”– Shane M.

“Sandy Phillips is amazing! I could never recommend her enough. She went above and beyond for us. When meeting with her it was a positive environment. When I needed to reach her she or her assistant were always available… if they needed to get back with me they did so in a timely manner. The process was made as easy as possible and stress free. Covid caused some delays but that didn’t stop Sandy from getting things done… even if that meant doing them herself after office hours.”– Morgan C.

“Sandy is a good person, a great lawyer, and she has a heart made of gold. She believes in her cases and she is true to her word. Her methods can be different, but not ineffective or wrong. It will be helpful if you are detailed and organized with the information regarding your case. She will not stop working until the case is done and her rates are beyond fair. Stay calm, trust her, ask questions and share good ideas.”– Cody M.

“Sandy is a great lawyer.. She gets to the point and don’t sugarcoat anything.. She goes out of her way to get the results she wants..If you want a lawyer who will fight for you and treats you like your a person instead of just a dollar sign you definitely need to give her a call and go talk to her..”– James J.

“I highly recommend the services of Sandy Phillips. She is a very knowledgeable and compassionate attorney. I loved the fact that she is direct in her approach and doesn’t sugarcoat it. She will put the best interest of the child first and make sure that is the main focus. I am forever grateful and appreciative of her. If you’re looking for a quality attorney, that is blunt but effective, and that will get you a great resolution, HIRE SANDY PHILLIPS!!”– Quata02

“Sandy Phillips is the most loyal attorney in this town,. She is honest, sincere, and invested in your needs. Based on events out of our control we have had to rely on 3 separate lawyers in the last 10 years, we can’t believe how amazing she has been, responsive to texts or calls in the same day without complaint. I am so glad we reached out to her in our most desperate hour!”– Alison Q.

“I would strongly recommend utilizing the services of Sandy Phillips. I have not formally needed to hire her, as of yet. However, Phillips has taken time to discuss my needs and, when (not if, unfortunately) when the time does come that i will need a professional, she will be my go-to. Unlike previous experiences I’ve had, she has not yet charged me a dime and mentioned she does not intend to until there’s a formal case to work. Multiple occasions she has taken my phone call, directly, and once i met her in her office while my child explored her office. Not only did Miss Phillips not get frustrated or aggravated, but she gave attention to my child and even offered her activities to keep her occupied. Phillips was referred to me by a friend who i hold in the highest regard, and only had wonderful things to say about her. I do not disagree! If only all professional interactions could be this practical and efficient. Clearly I’m not a professional attorney, but she definitely convinced me she knows her stuff, i trust her. I always encourage checking out various options when it comes to matters of high priority; but i would advise considering her. TLDR:: doesn’t seem interested in taking advantage, at all. Seems very familiar with the law and processes. Pleasant to work with. 👍”– Courtney B.

“Attorney Sandy Phillip’s is very down to earth and sees you as a person and speaks to you. She sees you as a human and not a dollar sign. Attorney Phillip’s is a beacon of hope for my daughter and I, at a time when our options are limited and the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed impossible. Attorney Phillip’s is calm and empathetic in her demeanor. She offered emotional succor to myself and my daughter. My daughter and I are eternally grateful for her direct, honest, and direct statements. I recommend attorney Phillip’s without reservation.””– Allie S.

“Sandy is a compassionate caring lawyer. She was a former prosecutor. I was facing 3 felonies which were completely trumped up charges after she went to court for me it ended up only being a misdemeanor.Thank you Sandy for saving my life sincerely Morgan”– Katona L.

“I had another lawyer on my case for a year he wasn’t doing the job I found sandy and she has done 10 times more work in just little time she the best lawyer in the Tri-Cities she knows her laws and she’s like a piranha tearing people peace by peace in the court room if your looking for a hard working lawyer sandy is your woman oh and the staff is very sweet and very professional they all take pride in there work i highly recommend sandy to anyone that is in need of a awesome lawyer thank you for your hard work”– Cody J.

“Great advice and confidence during a troubled time for our family. Without her insights and knowledge, we could have easily lost our case. Instead, we won in triumphant fashion! Thank you Sandy!”– CEK C.

“She may initially seem blunt and possibly a bit scary/intimidating, but later you find that although it’s a characteristic she does possess, at the same time you realize how advantageous that mein or personality can be. Also, she’s actually really nice and caring and can be quite comedic as well.”– Jennifer C.

“Sandy Phillips is the most loyal attorney in this town. She is honest, sincere, and invested in your needs. Based on events out of our control we have had to rely on 3 separate lawyers in the last 10 years. We can’t believe how amazing she has been, responsive to our texts or calls on the same day. I am so glad we reached out to her in our most desperate hour”– A Satisfied Client

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